50 Shades of Grey Promotes Paedophilia and Rape (11 February 2015)


Dear Editor

Ster Kinekor is advertising Fifty Shades of Grey as "the hottest cinema experience this Valentine's Day" to which you can “treat your date”!

BUT… What is 50 Shades of Grey really about?


I think Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the worst pornographic glamorisations of sexual violence to be released on the big screen!


Christian Grey (the main male character in the book/movie) uses manipulation, jealousy, intimidation and violence to control the naive Ana.Ana is depicted as being young and innocent. Although her given age is 21, her true emotional age is much younger. 50 Shades thus subtly promotes paedophilia.

The movie markets rape as romance. It glamorises rape and the abuse of women and says women should enjoy it!

If you take away the glamour, Fifty Shades is just a sensationalized lie, telling women that they can, and should, fix violent and controlling men by being obedient and devoted, and that, somehow, abuse is romantic!

Hold up a mirror to Christian Grey and you’ll see the reflection of a culture saturated in exposure to violent pornography. This is the porn that has, and continues to, groom the next generation of men to believe that they are entitled to violent sexual behaviour, and that women should enjoy it.

The popularity of Fifty Shades among women also sends a message to men that unrestrained domination is what women want. And, educated by porn, they know how to do it. A majority of men have been getting a regular diet of this kind of violent sex and degradation through porn for years. In it, women are tied up and treated like animals and sex objects. Much of it is rape-themed. Pornography is marketing for a rape culture.

While millions of women are fantasizing about the controlling and abusive Christian Grey of fiction, there are many other women dealing with the horrors of actually living with males like him.

Devotion to an aggressor who inflicts violence is not sexy. Violence is destructive. Sexual violence is worse. Women such as Ana end up in a shelter for abused women, or even dead.

Remove the glamour and facade of the Christian-Ana relationship and ask yourself if this is the twisted lie you want to tell yourself, your daughter and your friends?

I urge everyone to not waste R50 on a movie ticket to see this rape porn and to rather donate money to a shelter for abused women instead.


Taryn Hodgson

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