Has the UCT SRC become the Thought Police? (22 July 2015)


Letter to the Editor – Has the UCT SRC become the Thought Police?

Dear Editor

The Student Representative Council (SRC) meeting last night at UCT (Tuesday, 21 July) to discuss Zizipho Pae’s suspension from the SRC, was nothing short of a kangaroo court.

Christians at the meeting reported that the SRC members seemed biased against the Christian viewpoint from the start. They reported that the Christian viewpoint was interrupted and shouted down by a mob of intolerant homosexual activists. This mob had already met with the SRC President on Monday to demand Zizi’s removal. The LGBTI group protested that the SRC President was not fit to chair the meeting (because he wasn't choosing their side), and accused him of racism! Because of the intimidation and chaos, the SRC President eventually adjourned the meeting and left. The meeting continued in his absence and a motion was tabled for Zizi's expulsion. The motion was accepted with 7 votes for expulsion, 0 against and 1 abstaining. Zizi was thus 'expelled' from the SRC with immediate effect. This surely must be a violation of SRC meeting Rules of Order.

It is clear that the SRC at UCT no longer believes in the rule of law. They gave in to the mob bully tactics of the Rhodes Must Fall rioters and now they have allowed a kangaroo court to expel a democratically elected student leader by ignoring her Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, expression and religion.

When George Orwell published the book, 1984, warning of the rise of Thought Police and the prosecution of Thought Crimes, many would have considered it widely improbable. However, we are now seeing a rise in anti-Christian discrimination, bully tactics, sneak attacks, assertions of victimhood, name-calling and expensive, time-wasting litigation mobilised against those who hold to traditional marriage. In the name of tolerance, homosexual activists are demanding approval and conformity to their radical social engineering agenda and persecution of any who dare disagree.

Should the case go to court, it will set an important legal precedent for the religious freedom of Christians in South Africa. I urge all Christians to stand firm on their right to freedom of speech and religion and not to be intimidated into silence by the outcome of this case.


Taryn Hodgson

PO Box 23632

Claremont 7735

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa info@christianaction.org.za - 021-689-4481 - www.christianaction.org.za
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